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VAT Registration in Germany for Swiss Companies

Aktualisiert: 12. Dez 2018

German VAT registration for Swiss companies
German VAT registration for Swiss companies

The tax office in Konstanz is responsible for the VAT registration in Germany for Swiss entrepreneurs. The necessary form can be down loaded here: FA Konstanz.

There is only a German version of the form available from the tax office. We prepared an English convenience translation, available here: English translation German VAT registration form for Swiss companies

Please note:

  • This is not an exact translation and no official form. Please do not file this translation with the tax office.

  • This form does not include the application for a VAT id. number (necessary for transactions with other EU countries). The VAT id. number can be applied for with the federal tax office once the registration with the tax office Konstanz has been completed. Here is the link to the application for the VAT id. number: Application for a German VAT id. number (also only in German, we will prepare some information on the registration process in one of our future posts).

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